The Pember Museum & Nature Preserve

The Pember Museum and Nature Preserve are ideal sites for field trips.  The Pember Museum collects, preserves, exhibits, studies and shares its treasures.  It is more than a collection of objects.  The Pember Nature Preserve in Hebron is a sanctuary for native animals and plants; it is a place for informal study of the natural world.

Group programs are available year-round at the Pember Museum and Nature Preserve on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  Visits to either place can be scheduled by contacting the Pember Museum.

Activities are scheduled for 45 – 90 minutes at the Pember Museum and may include self-guided tours, staff presentations, scavenger hunts, hands-on activities, slide shows and more.  Topics include general information on the Museum and natural history, animal classification, endangered species, insects, birds and more.  Topics can also be prepared to suit the needs of groups.

Activities last 45 minutes to two hours at the Pember Nature Preserve and focus on the observation and study of local plants, animals and the environment.  Topics include pond life, forests, insects, birds and others.

Group size is limited to 30 students at one time and adult chaperones are required.  Larger groups may be divided, with each section making alternating visits to the Museum and Preserve.

Offsite programs are available to schools or outdoor sites and may be scheduled by contacting the Museum.  Topics are presented by Museum educators and include many natural history topics.

Loan kits containing hands-on nature education materials and activities are available for group use.  These kits can be used by teachers and other group leaders or Pember Museum educators can present an hour-long interactive program involving any loan kit.  Many topics are available including birds, senses, beavers, skulls and bones, night animals, plants, pond life, seashore life, bird nests and eggs, insects, rocks and minerals and fossils.

Group and school services fees are $4/student with no charge for adult chaperones.  Groups with visits scheduled at both the Pember Museum and Nature Preserve are charged $7/student. Loan kit presentations by Museum educators is $175 with an additional charge of $.40 per mile. Arts in Education Funding is available through BOCES; contact your Arts in Education Building Representative.

Pember Museum and Preserve educational programs are made possible in part by funds from the NYS Zoos, Botanical Gardens and Aquariums Grant; the New York State Natural Heritage Trust; and the New York State Council on the Arts.  Additional support is generated through donations, program fees, Museum shop sales, and the Town and Village of Granville.